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Enable backend access

Access to the Geometry Backend API is only available for ShapeDiver users with a paid subscription.

In some applications, you might want to bypass the ShapeDiver Viewer and directly communicate with the ShapeDiver Geometry Backend from a backend application, in order to send computation and export requests and get results without going through a web browser. This is possible using the Geometry Backend API, which you can read more about here.

Using the Geometry Backend API from client applications which are not browsers requires a different permission, and a different ticket than the one used for embedding. You can enable backend access and retrieve a backend ticket by checking the “Allow backend access” box in the “Backend” section of the Edit page.

Once the box is checked, three elements are displayed in the section:

  • A ticket for backend access.

  • The model view URL, which indicates which backend system is hosting the model. ShapeDiver uses several geometry backend systems and it is important to specify which one hosts your model when using the geometry backend API.

Find more information about how to use the ticket for backend access in our geometry backend documentation.

If you want to use the ShapeDiver viewer to build an application running in a web browser, you should rather enable embedding for your model and use the embedding ticket with the viewer API. This also applies if you are directly accessing the Geometry Backend from a web browser.

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