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Backend settings

Take me to my backend settings.

This page includes information about which backend system is linked to your ShapeDiver account, including the specific Rhino version that is installed there, as well as the list of third-party Grasshopper plugins that can be used. If your account allows it, you can also switch the backend system used for model uploads here.

Active backend system

This section contains general information about the currently active backend system, which is the system that will be used for all future model uploads from your account. The following information is available:

System name

The name used to reference the backend system.


A short description of the system.

Model view url

The model view url associated with the system, useful for developers working with the viewer API among other applications.

Rhino version

The Rhino version installed on the backend system. In particular, the first digit represents the major Rhino version (typically Rhino 6 or Rhino 7). You can check the Rhino version you are using locally with the _AboutRhino command in Rhino.

Grasshopper version

The version of Grasshopper installed along Rhino on the backend system. You can check the Grasshopper version you are using locally using the top-level menu: Help > About.

ShapeDiver version

The version of the ShapeDiver plugin installed on the backend system. Always make sure to install the latest version from the package manager in Rhino.

Update the backend system

Users with access to several backend systems can use the dropdown menu under the table to select a different one. The change is then validated after clicking on the “Save” button from the top right corner of the section.

Note that changing the active backend system only affects future uploads! Already uploaded files are not transferred to a new backend system. You can always check on the model view page which system each of your models was uploaded to.

Active plugins on the system

The table in this section provides an always up-to-date list of third-party Grasshopper plugins which can be used in Grasshopper definitions uploaded to the system. For each of the plugins, the following information is available:

Plugin name

The official name of the plugin. When available, a link next to the name is available to the food4rhino page or official plugin page, where more information and download links are available.

Installed version

The version of the plugin installed on the system.

Allowed version

The version(s) of the plugin allowed on the system. This can be a single version or a range of versions, depending on the backwards compatibility of the different versions of this plugin. Any model uploaded with components from a version of this plugin included in this range will be accepted by the backend system.


The author(s) of the plugin.


When available, a short description of the plugin functionalities.

Disallowed components

Some plugins in the list are only partially supported, which means some of their components will be denied when uploading to ShapeDiver. These components are denied because they make use of functionality that we must forbid for reasons of security and stability. Click on the “Check list” button in this column to get a list of components, including their names and id, which are forbidden to be used and will cause your model to be denied when uploading it. Please remove these components from your definition before uploading, and replace them by alternative components.

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