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Community and Support

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Depending on your ShapeDiver subscription level and your needs, our team offers various support options and touchpoints with the community. Check out how you can reach out and exchange with us below.

Forum Discussions

ShapeDiver has a dedicated forum section on the McNeel discourse forum. We are very active in the forum and typically answer any questions you have within a few hours at most!

Check out the forum.

Community Catchups

Every week, all ShapeDiver users are invited to join a call where they can ask anything, troubleshoot their Grasshopper and platform-related issues and give very welcome feedback about new and old features.

Some catchups are also an occasion to show some WIP features and brainstorm on some aspects of upcoming functionalities!

Join the next community catchup!

Onboarding calls

All ShapeDiver customers have access to premium onboarding calls with our CTO and other members of the team. Those calls happen with a small number of participants and allow to dig deeper in complex issues including API integrations.

In order to join an onboarding call, check the Community page of the platform and click on “Join a session” to pick a time slot for the call you want to join.

Private support

Business users of ShapeDiver get access to a private email address where our team provides direct support in the best response times. Upgrade your account now and get in touch with our team if you are interested in private support!

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