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Environment settings

Background color

Solid color used as a background for the 3D viewer canvas. This color is affected by the “Background alpha” setting below. The background color is not used if the “Show environment” setting is enabled.

Background alpha

Transparency of the background (0: transparent - 1: opaque).

Environment type

There are three types of environments to choose from:


Select the “Preset” option if you want to use one of the preset environments of ShapeDiver. When “Preset” is selected, and additional “Preset Map” dropdown is visible with the list of available preset environments.


When the “Custom” option is selected, an text input is available, letting you specify a URL where your own environment map is stored. The URL must be public and contain a single .HDR file.


Select the “None” option to completely disable environment maps for your model.

Show environment

If an environment map is selected (see above, options “Preset” or “Custom”), use this parameter to display the map as a background in the 3D viewer canvas.

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