Version 2.2.0

  • The events ISelectEvent, IMultiSelectEvent, IHoverEvent and IDragEvent were moved from @shapediver/viewer to @shapediver/viewer.features.interaction.

  • The animations property in the IViewportApi is now a dictionary instead of an array.

Version 2.0.0

  • To avoid further confusion, the naming of the Viewer component of the API was changed to Viewport on all occurrences

  • Some previously exposed classes are now only exposed via their interface. The naming stayed the same with a leading I Example: AnimationTrack is now IAnimationTrack

  • The API Classes now all have the postfix Api. With the previously point in mind, Session change to ISessionApi.

  • The CameraApi now includes all properties that were under Camera.controls directly.

  • The enum values are now separated by underscores, therefore enum names may have changed by adding additional underscores. Example: RENDERERTYPE was changed to RENDERER_TYPE
    Important other enum changes:


    • ATTRIBUTEVISUALIZATIONATTRIBUTE_VISUALIZATION in package @shapediver/viewer.features.attribute-visualization

  • The api Object was removed the corresponding functions and variables were moved as follows:

    • api.addListeneraddListener

    • api.applySettingsSessionApi.applySettings

    • api.automaticUpdateSessionApi.automaticSceneUpdate

    • api.closeSessionSessionApi.close

    • api.closeViewerViewportApi.close

    • api.convertSceneToGLTF → exists on ViewportApi and SessionApi depending on use case

    • api.createSDTFOverviewViewportApi.createSDTFOverview

    • api.createSessioncreateSession

    • api.createViewercreateViewport

    • api.enableARViewportApi.enableAR

    • api.globalScaleViewportApi.arScale

    • api.globalTranslationViewportApi.arTranslation

    • api.globalRotationViewportApi.arRotation

    • api.loggingLevelgeneralOptions.loggingLevel

    • api.removeListenerremoveListener

    • api.sceneTreesceneTree

    • api.sessionssessions

    • api.showMessagesgeneralOptions.showMessages

    • api.updateViewportApi.update

    • api.viewInARViewportApi.viewInAR

    • api.viewableInARViewportApi.viewableInAR

    • api.viewersviewports

  • AnimationTrack is now IAnimationTrack

  • AnchorDataImage is now IAnchorDataImage

  • AnchorDataText is now IAnchorDataText

  • The AttributeVisualizationEngine now only needs a ViewportApi as input

  • The default material MaterialData was renamed to MaterialStandardData

Version 1.15.0

  • removed busy and blurSceneWhenBusy, you can now use the branding options when creating a viewer

Version 1.13.0

  • viewableInAR only returns a boolean now, no more errors

Version 1.12.2

  • import of reflect-metadata not necessary any more

  • branding options changed, logo was moved into object

  • the HTMLElementAnchorData was reworked, there are now HTMLElementAnchorTextData, HTMLElementAnchorImageData and HTMLElementAnchorCustomData to better fit your needs

Version 1.11.11

  • updateOutputContent function signature, session.updateOutputs() now included, can be disabled via flag

Version 1.11.2



Version 1.8.0

  • the CDN naming was changed from lowercase sdv to uppercase SDV

  • the viewer types were restructured, there is no IStandardViewer or IAttributeViewer anymore, both are the same IViewer where the type can be set later on