Embedding is only available for ShapeDiver users with a paid subscription.

Some ShapeDiver accounts let users embed online models in external websites and applications, either through iframe embedding or through direct embedding using the viewer API.

Each ShapeDiver account only allows embedding in a limited number of external domains, which varies depending on the type of account. In the “Settings” screen of the user dashboard, users can check how many external domains are enabled for their account, as well as add and/or remove domains from their list.

Add only full domains to the list (that is the hostname part of your URL, including the port number if you are using a non-standard one, i.e. everything after https://). Note that you can specify local hostnames and ports in order to set up a local development environment (e.g. Be aware that the precise hostname is being checked, i.e. subdomains need to be added individually. As an example allowing http://shapediver.com for embedding does not automatically allow www.shapediver.com

Once you have added domains to the list, make sure you enable embedding in the models you wish to embed on your website.