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glTF Exporter for Rhino

The ShapeDiver plugin comes with a stand-alone glTF exporter for Rhino 5, 6 and 7. Download and install the ShapeDiver plugin to start using the exporter.

The exporter is available through the standard Save and Export Rhino commands. To use it, select the following format in the 'Save as type' dropdown menu: 

glTF 1.0/2.0 binary (ShapeDiver) (*.glb)

Export options

After hitting the Save button, a list of options will be available in the Command line box:

Zip (Yes/No): Compress the resulting file.

Storage of compressed glb files
If a compressed glb file is stored and accessed through an online location, its Content-Encoding header should be set to gzip.

Materials (Yes/No): Store material information in the glTF file. See next section for more details about exporting materials.

MaterialSource (Material/DisplayColor): Choose between the material definition or the Rhino display color for the exported material.

Normals (Yes/No): Export vertex normals with the geometry.

TextureCoord (Yes/No): Export vertex texture coordinates with the geometry.

VertexColors (Yes/No): Export vertex colors with the geometry.

ObjectNames (Yes/No): Export Rhino object names with the geometry.

glTFv1Extension (None/ShapeDiver): When exporting glTF v1.0, include the ShapeDiver-specific glTF extension.

Version (glTF1/glTF2): Export to glTF 1.0 or glTF 2.0. Version 2.0 is recommended.


glTF files are compatible with many CAD environments and online viewer, including the ShapeDiver viewer. Additionally, files exported using the exported can be referenced by the External Display component of the plugin.

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