The ShapeDiver plugin for Grasshopper contains many tools to help you make your definitions ready for publishing on ShapeDiver.

Download the plugin

Current version

From plugin version 1.9.0, downloading and installing the plugin is completely handled through the Package Manager in Rhino. Access it through the _PackageManager command (Rhino 7) or the _TestPackageManager command (Rhino 6) and search for the ShapeDiver package there. You will be able to choose the latest version or one of the previously released version of the plugin.

Alternatively, you can click on the Install link on the foo4rhino page of the plugin to get directed straight to the install page of the plugin in the package manager.

Legacy version

If you are using Rhino 5, or any version of Rhino on Mac, you need to use the legacy version 1.7 of the plugin. Find links below to download and install this version:

ShapeDiver Plugin v1.7.1 - Archive version

ShapeDiver Plugin v1.7.1 - Installer (windows only)

This version of the plugin is missing the most recent ShapeDiver features. If you are using it, please refer to the legacy help center for documentation.

Plugin components

The components of the plugin are divided between the following categories: