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Global plugin options

Several global plugin options can be accessed through a top-level menu item of the Grasshopper window:

Load sdTF

Documentation in progress!

Default glTF version

When uploading definitions to ShapeDiver, there are several ways to generate display outputs that can be visualized in the online viewer and accessed through the viewer API. Use the “Default glTF Version” option to influence the nature of the geometry that is generated when using the following methods:

It is possible to switch between glTF 1.0 (primarily for backwards compatibility purposes) and glTF 2.0.

Since release 1.13, the default behavior for newly generated definitions has been changed to generate glTF 2.0 assets.

Parameter values

This option includes two different ways to load values into the various parameters of the Grasshopper definition. In practice, these values can be imported from ShapeDiver models in two ways:

  • “Load from JSON” allows you to select a .json file containing a list of parameter IDs and values and load them automatically in Grasshopper parameters (sliders, value lists, Text Input components, etc…). The JSON format corresponds to the one that can be exported from the model view page on the platform (read more here). This option makes it convenient to debug a model locally from specific parameter values that failed on ShapeDiver, for example.

  • “Load from Saved State” is a similar feature that allows you to specify the URL of a Saved State on the ShapeDiver platform and load its corresponding parameter values in Grasshopper.

Go To Platform

A simple shortcut link to open the ShapeDiver platform, prompting you to login your account if this is not already the case.

Log In

This options allows you to login to your ShapeDiver account directly in Rhino/Grasshopper. Logging in is necessary to use several ShapeDiver features:

  • Connecting the Rhino desktop client to the ShapeDiver platform (read more here).

  • Using the Client plugin components to access and interact with ShapeDiver models inside Grasshopper (read more here).

  • Load structured input types when using the “Parameter Values” menu items (see above).

Version information

The last item is a simple reminder of the currently installed version of the ShapeDiver plugin. This version can be switched using the Package Manager.

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