Several global plugin options can be accessed through a top-level menu item of the Grasshopper window:

Load sdTF

Documentation in progress!

Default glTF version

When uploading definitions to ShapeDiver, there are several ways to generate display outputs that can be visualized in the online viewer and accessed through the viewer API. Use the “Default glTF Version” option to influence the nature of the geometry that is generated by one of the two first methods described here:

  • Generic components that have their preview turned on

  • Using the native Custom Preview component of Grasshopper

It is possible to switch between glTF 1.0 (mostly for backwards compatibility purposes) and glTF 2.0.

Note that in the latest versions, the Display components of the ShapeDiver plugin only generate glTF 2.0 assets.

Go To Platform

A simple shortcut link to open the ShapeDiver platform, prompting you to login your account if this is not already the case.

Version information

The last item is a simple reminder of the currently installed version of the ShapeDiver plugin. This version can be switched using the Package Manager.