Creating a state

In order to create a new saved state, navigate to the “Saved States” section in the model view page. This section is part of the same panel that contains the parameters and outputs of the model:

The process to create a saved state goes as follows:

  • Setup the model in the state you want to save, by defining the parameter values and camera position according to your needs.

  • Once this is done, click on the “+” button in the “Saved States” section. A dialog opens which lets you define some additional properties for the state:




The name that will be used to identify the state in the panel and in the API (up to 50 characters).


If you are the owner of a model, you have two visibility options when creating saved states:

  • Public: “Public” saved states can be listed and loaded by anyone who has access to the model. If the model is “Public” itself, the saved states are visible to anyone. If the model has “Organization” visibility, “Public states are visible to the members of your organization only. If the model is “Private”, only the ShapeDiver users you share the model with have access to those saved states.

  • Private: “Private” saved states are only visible to you, regardless of the visibility of the model and whom you share the model with.

If you are not the owner of a model but have access to it, because it is “Public”, part of your “Organization” or because it was shared with you, you can list and load all “Public” saved states associated with the model. You can also create “Private” saved states that are only visible to you.

In the future, it will become possible to share private states for more flexibility.


A description of the state (up to 250 characters).

  • When clicking on “Create”, the state is saved using the above-defined properties, as well as the active parameters values and camera position. It will instantly appear in the list of states in the panel.

Updating a state

All properties above can be update after the state is created. Use the context menu and choose the “Update” option to update the name, visibility and description of the state. If different parameter values and a different camera position are active in the model when updating, they will also be updated in the state.

Deleting a state

Use the context menu and choose the “Delete” option to permanently delete the state for yourself and anyone who has access to it.

Loading a state

You can easily navigate between saved states and load a new one by clicking on the radio button on the left of the element in the list. The active state is shown with an active radio button:

Only show my states

The toggle at the top of the panel lets you filter third-party states and only show the ones you created. This is useful to filter public states created by the owner of the model, and in the future states that other users shared with you.