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Metalness / Roughness

In our standard material we use the metalness / roughness workflow for PBR-Materials (Physically Based Rendering). This section explains how you can access the metalness and roughness values. For a deeper look for what you can do with them please look here.

Please see the main material page to see how you can adjust materials via the API.


available via material.metalness

The metalness values determines how metallic a material is. Non-metallic materials use 0.0 whereas metallic materials use 1.0. The values in-between are mostly only used for metallic variations like a rusty metal.

Metalness Map

available via material.metalnessMap

The metalness map is used for per-pixel control of the value.


available via material.roughness

The roughness value determines how rough a material is. 0.0 means not rough at all (mirror reflection), 1.0 is completely diffuse.

Roughness Map

available via material.roughnessMap

The roughness map is used for per-pixel control of the value.

Metalness-Roughness Map

available via material.metalnessRoughnessMap

The metalness and roughness maps can be combined into a metalness-roughness map to use less textures. The blue channel is used for metalness, the green channel for roughness.

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