Platform API access keys

This feature is only available to Business and Enterprise accounts.

The ShapeDiver Platform can be accessed by means of the Platform API and corresponding SDKs. This allows you to create applications which act on behalf of your ShapeDiver Platform user. Some examples:

  • Your application might request a token for running exports of your ShapeDiver models, batch process a number of export requests, and then store the results in your own backend system.

  • Your application might list all of your ShapeDiver models, request analytics for them from the Geometry Backend, and create a report for you.

When creating such applications it is important to keep the security of your ShapeDiver account in mind, which is why we added support for access key pairs.

Access key pairs

Whenever possible do not use your username and password for usage of the SDK. Instead create an access key pair, consisting of an

  • access key id (to be used instead of your username), and an

  • access key secret (to be used instead of your password).

Using access keys allows you to keep your applications and your account secure, because access keys

  • can be limited in scope (e.g. they can be limited to be read only)

  • can easily be revoked at any time

  • can be time limited.