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Platform Backend


The ShapeDiver Platform Backend hosts information about

  • the users of the ShapeDiver Platform,

  • models owned by the users,

  • further metadata like images, and

  • access control (which users are allowed to do what with models).

Platform Backend API

The Platform Backend provides an API which can be used to do basically anything that the Online platform does. In order to make use of the API, head to the settings of your user account on the platform and create access keys for your user.

Getting started – SDKs

We are providing an SDK for JavaScript, TypeScript, node.js via npm:

The SDK for .NET/C# is available via nuget.

We provide examples on how to use the SDKs on github and .NET Fiddle. Ask us on the Forum if you don’t understand how they work, or you want suggest further examples to be added.

API endpoints, Documentation, Swagger

Please use the table below to find Swagger API documentation.

Platform Backend System

API endpoint


ShapeDiver Platform


In case you are an Enterprise client and we are operating a dedicated version of the ShapeDiver Platform for you, please get in touch regarding the API endpoint to use.

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