You want to develop an application that directly accesses the backend systems of ShapeDiver, bypassing the Viewer? This section is for you.

If you are interested in frontend development using our 3D Viewer, please head over to Viewer.

API disambiguation

Geometry Backend API

The Geometry Backend is where your Grasshopper models are hosted, computations are run, and results of computations are cached. Use the Geometry Backend API to run computations, list the inputs and outputs of your models, request cached computation results, and to query logs for your model.

You need a ticket (an API key) for your model in order to access it using the Geometry Backend API. Please use the Platform to obtain a ticket depending on the type of your application:

The Geometry Backend also supports a stronger authorization mechanism by means of ticket and a short-lived JWT. Some functionality of the Geometry Backend API requires the use of a JWT.

The Platform Backend API offers functionality for obtaining both JWT and ticket for your model. You will be able to use this once we have released the Platform Backend API in Q2 2022, we are finalizing some details.

Platform Backend API

The Platform Backend is where users of the ShapeDiver Platform and their models are managed. While the documentation of the Platform Backend API is already available, we have not publicly released it yet because we are finalizing some details, but the release will definitely happen in Q2 2022. At this time we will also make the Platform Backend SDK publicly available.

Viewer API

Our Viewer offers an API on its own, which is not a REST API but simply a well defined API used to control the viewer when embedding it into web applications.
The Viewer is a client application of the Geometry Backend, it talks to a Geometry Backend system using the Geometry Backend API explained above.