You want to develop an application that directly accesses the backend systems of ShapeDiver, bypassing the Viewer? This section is for you.

If you are interested in frontend development using our 3D Viewer, please head over to Viewer.

API disambiguation

Geometry Backend API

The Geometry Backend is where your Grasshopper models are hosted, computations are run, and results of computations are cached. Use the Geometry Backend API to do things like

  • triggering computations and exports,

  • listing the parameters (the inputs) and the outputs of your models,

  • requesting cached computation results, and

  • querying logs for your model.

As an example, our Viewer is a client application of the Geometry Backend API.

Depending on your use case you need a ticket (an API key) and/or a JWT for accessing your model using the Geometry Backend API. Please jump to section Geometry Backend | Authorization to read about this.

We operate several Geometry Backend systems, whose computational resources are shared among our users. Enterprise customers are provided with a dedicated Geometry Backend system.

Platform Backend API

The Platform Backend is where users of the ShapeDiver Platform and their models are managed. The Platform Backend is the central authority which manages and provides access to your models running on one of the Geometry Backend systems.

Viewer API

Our Viewer offers an API on its own, which is not a REST API but simply a well defined API used to control the viewer when embedding it into web applications.
The Viewer is a client application of the Geometry Backend, it talks to a Geometry Backend system using the Geometry Backend API explained above.