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Getting started – SDKs, examples, documentation

TypeScript SDK

We provide an SDK for JavaScript, TypeScript, node.js via npm. Please check out how to use it and the examples provided:


The SDK for .NET/C# is available via nuget.


We provide examples of how to use the SDKs on GitHub and .NET Fiddle. Ask us on the Forum if you don’t understand how they work or if you want to suggest further examples to be added.

Some further examples available on Codesandbox:



Demonstrates how the TypeScript SDK can be used to send computation requests, download and display resulting glTF assets, and access further output data.

API endpoints of shared systems

The following table shows the API endpoints of our shared Geometry Backend Systems.

In the context of the ShapeDiver Viewer the API endpoint is called modelViewUrl.

Geometry Backend System

API endpoint, modelViewUrl


Shared Rhino 7 system


Shared Rhino 6 system


API documentation, Swagger

Please use the table above to find Swagger API documentation.

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