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ShapeDiver for

The ShapeDiver integration in requires access to the Backend API feature and is therefore only available for Business and Enterprise users.

You can start a trial for a Business account directly from your ShapeDiver dashboard. offers a flexible way to develop apps based on Python that can be deployed seamlessly to a web browser. We provide below some useful resources to integrate ShapeDiver into VIKTOR apps.

Code samples

You can find in the following GitHub repository everything you need to get started with ShapeDiver for Feel free to fork and modify the code from this repository for your needs.

From the ShapeDiver side, you will need to reference the model view URL and backend ticket of your models. Make sure you have backend access enabled in the model settings.


The above code samples include the code for two example apps which you can already test below.

ShapeDiver Integration Test

This app loads a ShapeDiver model using its model view URL and ticket.

It references the parameters of the model in the code that can be updated in the Viktor app to send computation requests to the ShapeDiver servers. On the right, display geometry coming from ShapeDiver is loaded in Viktor’s native 3D viewer.

You can find the code for this example on GitHub.

ShapeDiver Karamba Example

This example demonstrates using more advanced ShapeDiver features to build Viktor apps.

The example references a specific ShapeDiver model which relies on the Karamba3d plugin to perform some basic structural calculations on a simple truss element. The ShapeDiver model includes a bitmap and a pdf output which are displayed directly in Viktor following computations, each in a specific section next to the 3D viewer.

You can find the code for this example on GitHub.

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