The ShapeDiver Image Sampler component works similarly to the standard grasshopper Image Sampler, except the local input file is replaced by a Grasshopper Bitmap.

The component takes as inputs a Grasshopper Bitmap objects, a 2D coordinate point and a 2D domain. If the domain is left unspecified, it defaults to [1, pixel width] x [1, pixel height]. It can be changed to any other 2D domain, typically [0,1]x[0,1] for unitized pixel coordinates. The Coordinates (C) input needs to be given according the specified Domain (D) input. 


The Image Sampler allows Grasshopper to analyze images and use them to influence geometrical algorithms for example. Using Squid along the Image Sampler, one can also re-process input images and export them from Grasshopper and the ShapeDiver viewer.