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Text Tags

Both 2D and 3D text tags are supported by ShapeDiver. Specific outputs associated with the tags are created in the plugin and can be displayed in the ShapeDiver online viewer and accessed through the APIs.

2D Text Tags

Use the “Text Tag” component in Grasshopper to generate 2D text tags in the online viewer. Those tags reproduce the behaviour of Rhino/Grasshopper using HTML elements that are always oriented parallel to the screen plane according to the specified position in the 3D scene.

3D Text Tags

Use the “Text Tag 3D” component in Grasshopper to generate 3D text tags in the online viewer. The online viewer generates itself meshes for the 3D text and adds them to the scene according to the specified parameters of the component in Grasshopper.

Download an example model containing both types of text tags and check how it looks on ShapeDiver.

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