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Email Export

Use the Email Export component to prevent end users from accessing the export assets straight from the viewer. In this case, download is triggered through a button on the ShapeDiver platform but instead of downloading the file locally it is sent to the email address specified in the definition.

Except for the email inputs, this component works identically as the Download Export component. Read more details about the different export options and the limitations of the component in the documentation page about Download Export.

In addition to the email address, the parameters of the component include the subject and body of the email that you receive. In particular, the body of the email can be configured to include the parameters chosen by the end user, which will be pasted in the email when using the __PARAMS__ placeholder. The email download link expires after 7 days. 

Consider the example below:

This definition will create an export button in the online model that lets users send an email to the specified address The email will have the subject “An export request was sent” and the body “You have received…”. The __PARAMS__ placeholder will be replaced by a list of the model inputs and their respective values (Note that __PARAMS__ contains two leading and two trailing underscores). The email will contain an attached 3DM file, according to the version of 3DM (5, 6 or 7) that was picked in the value list. The resulting file attached to the email will be called test_export.3dm.

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