The Dowload Export component can be used to export multiple file types straight from the viewer resulting from the Grasshopper algorithm uploaded on ShapeDiver. On the ShapeDiver platform, this translates with a download button in the viewer controls. The button shows the name that was given to the component in Grasshopper, and it cannot be changed again in the Edit mode. The download can also be triggered through the API.

The component has three parameters: the Data (D) to be exported, the export Options (O) and the Name (N) of the exported file. Consider the example below:

This definition will create an export button in the online model that lets users download a 3DM file after picking which version of 3DM (5, 6 or 7) they want the file to use. The resulting file downloaded from the platform (or any other web application) will be called test_export.3dm.

The component can typically be used to export production files for CNC machining and 3d printing, images and data for printing quotes and order summaries, or even the full 3d geometry created by the definition itself.

Premium Feature
The export tools are only available to users with a paid ShapeDiver subscription. The export components from the ShapeDiver plugin can be used freely by everyone inside Grasshopper but the export buttons will not be available to free users. Additionally, each paid subscription comes with different limits for file exports. Read more about those limits here.

Available file formats for exporting

Each of the following file types can be exported according to the options defined in their respective Export Options component. Read more about the various Export Options components.

CAD file types

  • .3DM

  • .3DS

  • .STL

  • .DXF

  • .DWG

  • .STEP

  • .OBJ

Text file types

  • .TXT

  • .CSV

  • .G and .GCODE (for G-code export)

  • .XML

  • .IFC

Image file types

  • .BMP

  • .GIF

  • .JPG

  • .PNG

  • .TIFF

Read more about the Image components of the ShapeDiver plugin.

Other types

  • .PDF

Read more about the PDF components of the ShapeDiver plugin)

Local testing

Right-click on the component and select “Export locally” to test the exported files on your local machine before uploading to ShapeDiver.

Naming the export

Rename the component to your liking in order to define the name of the export asset, both in the platform and in the various APIs. In the example above, the nickname of the component was set to “Download now!”, which results in the following control in the ShapeDiver platform: