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General model settings

In the “Info” section of the model edit page, one can update general settings of a ShapeDiver model.


Use this section to write a general description or documentation about what your model does. The section supports markdown formatting, including links and images.


The slug of your model is the last part of its URL on the ShapeDiver platform. You can always update the slug, provided that you specify at least 5 characters and that the chosen slug is not already used by another ShapeDiver model.


You can specify several tags to describe your model. This can help categorize your model and find it later, as the model library pages include tag filters for searching.

Use tags to restrict team visibility in organizations

Additionally, tags can be used in conjunction with the Teams feature of Organizations: if Consumers and Users of your organization are assigned to a team, and if the “Limit visibility per team” organization setting is enabled, then those users will only be able to access models tagged with the name of their team.

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