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Organization Members


This table shows the list of members of the organization, as well as their role, which gives them different levels of permissions. The current available roles are the following:


Users of an organization can upload, edit and delete their own models. Depending on the organization settings defined above by Administrators and Owners, they can potentially change the visibility of their own models, share them with other users and create shareable links for their private models. Users can also view all models inside their own organization as long as they have the “Organization” visibility.


Managers of an organization are granted all the permissions regular Users have. Additionally, they can view and edit all models within the organization, including private models by other members. These models can be accessed in the “Organization” section of the Library, where managers are able to see private models on top of the modesl with organization visibility.


Administrators are granted all the permissions that managers have. Additionally, they are able to update the organization settings defined in the previous section of this article. Administrators can also define embedding domains for all models in the organization. Finally, they can also invite new users and assign roles to all other users in the organization.


By default, this is the role assigned to the person who created the organization. Owners have the highest level of permissions in the organization. They are granted the same permissions that administrators have. Additionally, they have access to the account management portal where they can review the current subscription used in the organization, upgrade or downgrade it and purchase add-ons. Their email is linked with the billing system.


Only Administrators and Owners of an organization can invite new members. Contact them if you want to require access for yourself or someone else in your team.

Click on “Send invitation” to invite new users to your organization. The dialog lets you enter the email address of the person you want to invite to your organization.

Once an invitation is sent, the target user will be notified and can either accept or deny the invitation. If they do not already have a ShapeDiver account, they will receive instructions to create one first.

After an invitation is accepted, the new member will appear in the members list. By default, the invited user will have the “User” role, but this can be modified from the members table.

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