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List of Templates

This feature is currently in Beta phase.

While it is possible to define the skeleton of a web application using the ShapeDiver App Builder components in Grasshopper, this still leaves room for many layout variations for the final application.

Read more about building Apps in Grasshopper in this article.

However, fine-grained control of these layout variations is out of the scope of Grasshopper logic. For this reason, the Shapediver App Builder features offer two different ways to generate Apps:

  • Use the pre-defined templates provided by ShapeDiver and the developers community. From each template, themes can be customized to specify custom styling options.

  • Use the open-source SDK to adapt and create custom templates.

Default template


The default template supports all currently available widgets.

This section is under construction!

Important points:

  • Widget behavior in horizontal and vertical containers

  • Ordering and grouping of parameters in the parameter widget


This section is under construction!


This section is under construction!

Important points:

  • Behavior when both widgets and tabs are included in a container

The default template supports four customizable containers around the central viewer. These containers should have one of the following reserved names: top, bottom, left, or right.

Top container properties

Left container properties

Right container properties

Bottom container properties

Further templates

At the moment, only the default template is available. We will add further templates in the future and document them here.

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