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ShapeDiver App Builder

This feature is currently in Beta phase.

The App Builder features of the ShapeDiver plugin and platform allow users to create flexible, customizable single-page web applications using only Grasshopper.

Using the App Builder components of the ShapeDiver plugin, one can control the visibility and logic of interface parameters and expose the results not only through the embedded ShapeDiver 3D viewer but also using images, formatted text sections, and soon other UI elements such as tables, graphs and much more.

It allows the application’s user interface to react to the state of the associated ShapeDiver model. In particular, it allows such things as:

  • Organize the user interface in various UI containers, tabs and widgets.

  • Hide and show parameters and whole sections of the interface depending on the values of model inputs and outputs.

  • Display textual and visual output information depending on the current state.

Quick start

While this section provides in-depth information about the App Builder and its various features, get started quickly with the following hands-on tutorial definitions.

App Builder Tutorial 1: Build a simple static user interface.

App Builder Tutorial 2: Use parametric logic to build a dynamic interface.

App Builder Tutorial 3: Link Export components to image widgets in your apps.

App Builder Tutorial 4 (coming soon): Define charts and graphs.

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