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Explore Apps from the platform

This feature is currently in Beta phase.

All Grasshopper definitions uploaded to ShapeDiver can be viewed as ShapeDiver Apps, whether or not the definition makes use of the App Builder components. In order to open the App, one can click on the “Open App” link on top of the viewer, in the model view page:


Models built without App Builder components

All ShapeDiver models are ready to be integrated in ShapeDiver Apps. Old models that were built in the past or new models built without App Builder components will open as Apps with a very similar interface as the one from the standard model view page of the platform. They contain a parameters panel, where inputs are organized and grouped following the same principles (see Ordering and grouping parameters ). They also contain an Exports panel with the list of exports included in the model.

In the future, the default App will also include the other features available in the model view page (saved states, attributes visualization, etc…

Models built with App Builder components

ShapeDiver models making use of the App Builder components will open as ShapeDiver Apps with a custom user interface according to the App skeleton defined in the Grasshopper model.

You can read more about how to define the logic and organization of your Apps using the App Builder components in this article.

Embedding Apps

It will soon be possible to get embedding codes for ShapeDiver Apps directly from the platform. For now, you can read this article to learn how to manually create an embedding code.

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