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Link sharing

Link sharing is only available for users with a paid ShapeDiver subscription.

The link sharing feature makes it possible to keep models private on ShapeDiver while generating a link that can be opened by anyone, with or without a ShapeDiver account.

Enable link sharing

Find the link sharing option next to the visibility dropdown in the Edit page. The option becomes available for any model with “Private” visibility.

If you are part of an organization, link sharing is also available for models with “Organization” visibility.

Your profile or organization settings might restrict the ability to generate sharing links. Make sure the setting “Enable link sharing” is enabled on your profile. If your organization restricts link sharing, contact your administrator(s).

Once link sharing is enabled, you can find the generated link by clicking on the “Share” button above the model in the model view page:

Note that the generated link is built from a unique id instead of the usual readable slug based on the model name. Double-check that the link is id-based and not name-based before copying and sharing it: you might have made it public.

Revoke access

The generated link can be revoked at any moment by going back to the Edit page and unchecking the “Link sharing” option. When the option is disabled, the link becomes invalid and cannot be used anymore by the people you have shared it with.

Be aware that if link sharing is enabled again in the future, a different link will be generated. You will need to share this link again with whomever should have access to the model.

If you need to give access to ShapeDiver models to other ShapeDiver users, consider using the Sharing feature, which provides more security and a finer level of permission control.

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