The public profile page lets users display some information about them, along with the public models they have published on the platform.

Public information

This section lets you define the contents of your ShapeDiver user profile. Your user profile will not necessarily be public, depending on the visibility level you have chosen for your profile. Read more about profile visibility in the section below.

The profile information contains the following items:

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

  • Username (required): The user name identifying you on the ShapeDiver platform.

  • Profile picture (optional): You can upload a picture from a local folder. Uploaded pictures will be resized and cropped if they are not square.

  • Location (optional)

  • Website (optional)

  • Description (optional)

  • Social media links (optional): Link to any of the relevant social media profiles you would like to include in the public profile page. Available social media links include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the McNeel discourse forum.

Visibility and sharing

Profile visibility

The visibility of your profile has several consequences on your ShapeDiver user experience.


If your profile has the public visibility, your profile information is public. Your In this case, your public profile is accessible directly through a public URL that anyone can visit, even without being a registered ShapeDiver user. It lists the information you curated as well as all the public models you include in your portfolio.

You can always check what your profile looks like by following the link "My public profile" in the user menu of the top navigation bar:

With public visibility, anyone can also share their models with you on the ShapeDiver platform.


If your profile has the organization visibility, the profile information is available to anyone in your organization.

Your models can not be accessed by anyone outside of your organization, even if you have made them public (the only exception is in case your organization allows sharing with users outside of your team).

Only members of your organization can share their models with you.


If you keep your profile private, this information is not accessible by anyone.

No other users on the platform can find you or share models with you.

If you are part of an organization, you administrators can still access your private profile.

Editing private account details

The “Edit profile” page also lets you update two private details about your ShapeDiver account.

  • Password: update the password to your account

  • Newsletter settings: decide whether or not you wish to subscribe to the ShapeDiver newsletter