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Model visibility

The visibility of ShapeDiver models determines which audience is able to find it in the Gallery and access it through the View screen of the platform or the various desktop clients.

At the moment, the Edit screen offers two visibility options: Public or Private. It can be edited through the switch at the top of the Edit screen:

Public visibility

When a model is public, everyone is able to find it in the Gallery, including anonymous users that are not logged into the ShapeDiver platform. Registered ShapeDiver users also have the ability to bookmark the model, which allows them to find the model easily in their library, as well as access it through desktop clients.

Public models also come with a public URL that can be shared with anyone. Find it in the “Link” section of the model view page.

If you have made your profile private, all your models will appear as private, regardless of the model’s individual visibility. A private profile allows you to quickly and safely make sure all your models are private without erasing the visibility settings stored in each model. When you turn your profile back to public, the stored model settings will apply again.

Read more about profile visibility.

If you are part of an organization, your administrators might restrict the visibility of your models. If the organization is closed, your public models will only be seen by members of your organization.

Read more about organization settings.

Organization visibility

The organization visibility level is only available for users that are part of an organization.

When a model has the organization visibility level, it can be found and accessed by anyone in your organization. Members of your team can search for the model in the gallery or directly find it in the “Organization” section of their library.

If you do not want your model to be accessed by anyone in your organization but rather only one or several specific users from your team, you can keep the model private and using the sharing feature in order to share it directly with those users.

Private visibility

When a model is private, it is not listed in the Gallery, and other users (both anonymous and registered) do not have the permissions to access it, even using a direct link to the model.

Users with Designer and Business accounts have several ways to keep models private while sharing them with specific people:

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