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Squid (ShapeDiver edition)

Squid is a plugin for drawing bitmap images which many Grasshopper users are familiar with. Developed by the prolific Mateusz Zierzycki (founder of Object), Squid provides tools for the parametric creation and processing of images. 

With Mateusz’s blessing, we have reworked Squid in a version that is compatible with ShapeDiver’s image components. The ShapeDiver edition of Squid processes and outputs Grasshopper Bitmap objects as defined in our plugin. You can combine Squid with the ShapeDiver Image Sampler and Image To Mesh components, as well as directly use Squid outputs as mesh textures for display in ShapeDiver.

Finally, the SquidPdf component enables creating parametric PDF documents on top of Bitmaps. Read more about working with PDF documents.

Example definition

Download a tutorial for Squid and ShapeDiver here.

Read and Save
When you work locally with Grasshopper Bitmaps, use the “Read” and “Save” components in Squid to load your local image files and check the results. Before you upload to ShapeDiver, you should replace them with the proper Import Bitmap and Download Export components which allow to do the same inside the online viewer.

The ShapeDiver edition of the Squid plugin is included with ShapeDiver. If you like it, don’t forget to give Mateusz feedback on his plugin page.

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