The model library is the place where you can find all the models that are in one way or another linked to your account. This includes several categories:

  • “My models”: all models you have uploaded and successfully published to the platform, as well as models for which other users have transferred ownership to you

  • “Pending”: the models you have uploaded but have not been published yet, either because a script checking operation is not complete, or because you have not finalized tweaking the model settings and clicked on the “Save” button from the model edit page.

  • “Shared with me”: the models for which other ShapeDiver users have explicitely given you some permissions for interacting, exporting files, viewing analytics and more…

  • “Bookmarked”: all models (including public models from the ShapeDiver gallery) that you have bookmarked in order to find and access them faster. Any model that you have permissions to on ShapeDiver can be bookmarked.

Table view mode

For the categories “My models” and “Pending”, the library can be switched to a table view which allows faster exploration of the models in the library, as well as the possibility to edit one or several properties of your models directly from the library.

Other actions available from the library

Find more details in the pages below for each functionality available from the library page and its sub-categories.