Version 2.11

August 24th, 2022

  • New notification system: use the bell to open the notifications tab and check the latest activity linked to your account (models shared with you, pending models accepted or denied, organization invitations…)

  • New camera preset options: define preset cameras in the Edit mode and let viewers switch between the preset views with the new camera button in the viewer. By default, uploaded models will have a set of standard presets (default perspective and orthographic views)

  • Model transfers: transfer ownership of your models to other ShapeDiver users using the new Transfer button on the model cards of your library. When transferring a model, request that the target user shares back some access to the model if you need it.

  • Re-organization of the Settings section, including new fine-grained settings regarding email notifications.

  • Improvement of the behaviour regarding scrolling and viewer interactions (rotating and zooming) for touch devices.

  • Many, many bug fixes…

Version 2.10

August 3rd, 2022

  • Saved States Sharing

  • Direct links to preloaded saved states

  • Interactive attribute explorer

  • Optimized range control for slider inputs

  • Improved searching functionality for sharing models and importing settings (filtering and ordering)

  • Parameter validation buttons are always visible in non-committed state

  • Improved layout of the model view and edit pages (refactored sharing functionality, new organization of bottom sections)

  • Multiple styling improvements

Version 2.9

July 8th, 2022

  • Embedding domains improvements:

    • Add and remove multiple embedding domains at the same time.

    • Embedding domains of the form *.local:* and *.localhost:* are now counted as local domains.

    • Some wildcard domains are now enabled (for example * for CodeSandbox)

  • Organizations administrators can restrict model sharing to the members of their organization

  • Better handling of registration errors

  • Saved states now come with a direct link to models with a preloaded saved state (state owners only)

  • Fine-grained saved state editing

  • Business users now have access to the platform API tokens for secure development using the platform backend API.

  • Fixed search by model ticket

  • Search models in the gallery by user name

  • Various security improvements

Version 2.8

June 13th, 2022

  • Saved states! You can now create private saved states associated with any model on the platform you have access to. For your own models, you can also create pblic states that anyone can access on top of private ones. Sharing saved states is not possible yet but will be in an upcoming release.

  • Third-party registration and login: connect your Google, Apple or McNeel IDs with ShapeDiver for faster authentication and improved security.

  • New styling for the parameter panels.

  • Import parameter values from previous models.

  • Performance improvements for analytics charts.

  • The slug part of the model view pages url can now be updated in the model settings.

  • Download button on the model view pages: download again the uploaded Grasshopper definition.

  • Various improvements regarding authentication (UI/UX, error-handling).

  • Improved UI/UX for the attribute visualization panel and support for more attribute types.

  • New filters on several listing pages.

Version 2.7.1

May 5th, 2022

  • Improved context menu on model cards, including a download button for the corresponding Grasshopper definitions

  • Improved feedback regarding export errors

  • Restructured resources menu

  • Free users can now see models shared with them if they are public

  • Improved layout for the public profiles

  • Grasshopper “Dial” knobs are now supported as inputs

  • Improved layout for several dialogs

  • Bugfix: the expiration date and time for subscriptions is now correctly displayed

Version 2.7

April 25th, 2022

  • First version of the Organization feature:

    • Designer and Business users can create or join an organization

    • Invite other members to join an organization

    • Four different organization roles: Owner, Administrator, Manager and User

    • New visibility level for models to share with other organization members

  • User profiles now have a visibility option: profiles can be “Public”, “Private” or limited to the “Organization“ of the user.

  • New option to add an email link to the user profile

  • Bufix for the text import component: .xml and .csv files can now be imported

  • Various fixes to documentation links

  • Bugfix: the platform no longer freezes on Firefox

Version 2.6.1

March 22nd, 2022

  • Local domains are not counted towards the domain limit anymore

  • Various admin panel fixes

  • Updated options in the registration form

  • Improved feedback for search results in the library

Version 2.6

March 17th, 2022

  • Color themes applied more consistently throughout the iframe layout

  • Hide the ShapeDiver logo or specify a custom logo while loading iframes

  • Iframes give explicit feedback when embedding domains are missing

  • The model edit page now lets users update and save model settings in the version 2 of the viewer

  • Library page updated with a search filter for all sections

  • AR settings improved with more intuitive scaling according to various standard units

  • Upload errors now contain the model IDs of the failed upload. Make sure to give this information when requesting support on the forum..

  • Improved feedback and pointers to documentation for each feature section

  • Parameter validation is now possible using the Return key

  • Uploading files with brackets in the name is now possible (“[“,”]”)

  • Layout improvements for mobile listing pages

  • Only show the * on the pending tab if there are pending models

  • Model descriptions have an increased character limit

Version 2.5

March 1st, 2022

  • New platform landing page with models featured by the team

  • Refactored rendering settings

  • Preset HDR maps for the viewer

  • Hidden export buttons are now also hidden in iframes

  • Bugfix in parameter grouping logic, in case of a single parameter group

  • Model cards styling fix

  • Layout fix for the analytics screen on mobile

  • Alpha value is now taken into account when updating color inputs